Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet and Saucy Shop: Dessert Shoot

I am so very excited to share this post because it's all about desserts. Why? I'm a dessert fanatic. It was definitely an honor to connect and shoot Sweet and Saucy Shop's delicious desserts, beautiful cake stands and gorgeous studio decor. It was so much fun taking photos of the details that surrounds Sweet and Saucy Shop and I had such a hard time picking and choosing which ones to put on the blog. Melody was so wonderful to work with and absolutely welcoming. Her talent with details resonates not only through beauty but also with taste (which is the most important right?). Again, it was definitely an honor working with Melody Brandon of Sweet and Saucy. She shared some wonderful news with me last week but I told her "mum's the word" until I see it...officially on her blog. So, wishing all the best for Sweet and Saucy Shop and I hope you all enjoy the delicious eye candy below!