Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chris and Srey

So it seems that everything is on fast forward these past few days. Lawrence and I are getting ready for our backpacking trip to Santa Catalina Island. 2 nights 3's going to be fun. In case you guys already don't know, we love the backcountry so I suppose we can use this time as a "training" session before we actually delve on the beautiful and yet intimidating John Muir trail.

This week I'd like to introduce to you Chris and Srey. Both of these wonderful people have been going out for 7 years and now they're tying the knot! Chris and Srey are also both avid scuba divers so guess how you think Chris proposed? Yup! He invited his whole family at the beach and facilitated a "treasure hunt" for his lovely fiance (obviously she didn't know what the "treasure" was going to be) and after the word "YES"...the rest was history. Fittingly, Chris and Srey chose a spot that was very dear to them and being scuba divers, we shoot their engagement session at El Matador State Beach in Malibu, CA. It was a beautiful place, beautiful day and a beautiful celebration to be had. Such a fun couple to shoot! Good luck Chris and Srey!