Friday, September 2, 2011

Sunday Morning Love

There's something about young love that develops into a full blown masterpiece. Cheesy choice of words but what's love without a little cheese?

Jen and Chris met during college. Actually, they met at a toga party and when their eyes met, the story began. Chris and Jen started dating 5 1/2 years ago. With the help of Chris' fraternity brothers (and probably seeing how Chris melts when Jen's around) they decided to surprise him with making Jen a sweetheart of his fraternity. Their young love blossomed through long distance relationship, struggles and triumphs and all the pressures of graduate school...possibly also some bickering and good 'ole competition with each other since Jen is a Dodger fan and Chris is an Angels.

Chris wanted to propose on ONE of the many weekend getaways he took Jen on and unfortunately, no ring was to be had. I think Chris may have led Jen on BUT the outcome was well worth it. So, Chris took Jen to Santa Ynez for the gorgeous scenery and some wine tasting. They come across a rolling hilltop with a gorgeous view, a perfect spot for a proposal but lo and behold, Chris forgets the ring! Seriously Chris? Jen kept her composure and smile but obviously disappointed. That afternoon, they took a stroll along the beach and Chris proposed a toast. They cuddled in the blanket and celebrated the weekend. As the sun started to set, Chris got down on one knee and asked if they could have countless days like their romantic getaways and of course Jen says "Yes".