Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Where to begin. I’m usually never lost for words and it seems that I can somehow find the right metaphor, analogy, placement of exclamation and question mark. But here I am struggling to find where to start. So let’s just free write.

Something always happens to people at some point in their lives where they begin to see things in a whole new way: a letter received perhaps, a twist of fate, a memory, a happy moment, a picture. For me, it was none of the above. It was a slight “push”, a tug where my comfortable world resting on a plush rug was softly pulled from under me. It was the beginning of an event that shook me to the core.

A few months ago I felt a lump in my breast and decided to make a hasty appointment for the Breast Clinic. The practitioner told me not to worry but being a woman and feeling a lump in her breast automatically trigger the words: “breast cancer”. Diane (that was her name) told me not to worry because it could possibly be something called “Fibroadenoma”: a benign tumor/cyst that most young women have. I’m 29 by the way. As a precaution I was scheduled for an ultrasound and a possible biopsy. I’m a worry wart but it helps to have a husband who’s not. So from here, we tackle on this new challenge in our lives. I never expected this sort of challenge. For me it was worrying about getting into a decent law school; figuring out when in my life I should start thinking about kids and how much interest will accrue over a 30 year repayment of undergraduate and professional degree loans. This challenge was different, BUT like many challenges in life this will be met with courage, hope, persistence and diligence. Come the ultrasound day and they find that the “lump” was solid so now everything turns into a 50-50 situation. That same day I had an ultrasound guided biopsy to determine what it really was. The worse 4 days being in limbo not knowing what to think and too confused to figure out my current state of emotion. So I get a call from the Pathologist…benign he says, I can finally breathe. Now my perception of life has suddenly become crystal clear. I’m more thankful of every single day; more appreciative of all that I have, people I have met and those in my life; I savor every moment, every bite and every kind words. I’m trying to live my life as simple as possible; smiling often and eating healthy. I’ve taken on projects that I’ve always wanted to do. Plan for adventurous moments and relishing the comfort of being at home.

I give thanks to my wonderful Lawrence (yes, I said my wonderful Lawrence) family and friends, friends whom I’ve never met and sure to meet along the way as we all celebrate each and every day and be thankful with this thing called life.

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