Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sierra Nevada: Big Pine Lakes

We were off this July 4th weekend on a backpacking trip to the Sierra Nevada's. Me and Lawrence just love the outdoor. There's nothing more relaxing waking up to and sleeping out in the backcountry. You truly are able to appreciate the grandeur that nature has to offer and at the same time be humbled with its vastness and sometimes unforgiving moments. We told ourselves before that we were going to be ultra-light backpackers but I guess it didn't happen this time. What did end up happening was lugging a round 25lbs/each on our backs through 6.5 miles in and 3,500 ft of elevation gain. That also means another 6.5 out. Yikes! Ohh and I almost forgot to mention that we were lucky enough to have brought insect repellant because those summer mosquitos were just relentless. I'd like to think they worked but coming back home, me and Lawrence both had a delayed reaction and eventually started to feel the wrath of their bites. In the end, it was all worth it. Would we do it again this time around next year? Absolutely.