Thursday, December 1, 2011

Teaser: Downtown L.A. Boudoir


It's the beginning of a new month. WOW. Here's a teaser of a boudoir shoot I did a few weeks ago. Here's a note about boudoir photography:

I thought long and hard about getting into boudoir for the sole fact that it's a very intimate photo session, clients are letting you into a very intimate moment. So it's very important to make them feel comfortable. You've probably thought why am I posting these sessions on my blog, well...I do it, with PERMISSION. When it comes to boudoir's I don't just post as I please. I ask clients for permission to post certain photos. Nothing too risque goes online, those are saved for that special someone in my clients' lives.

So keep posted, because a really amazing Downtown L.A. rooftop/showroom boudoir shoot is well under way!