Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teaser: "There's a Brand New Baby at our House..."

The nicest little gift we've ever had
How much fuller life's become
No one knows what makes it hum
'Til you call each other mommy and dad
There's a brand new baby in our house
And though she's been there just a little while
In the parlour in the hall
Every picture on the wall
Seems to know because they all wear a smile
I can't explain what she does to my heart
With her infant charms
I never knew what heaven was
'Til I held an angel in my arms
There's a brand new baby in our house
She's twice as sweet as honey from the comb
She's the image of my spouse
She's the tricky micky mouse
Who has changed our happy house to a home
We thank the lord
Whose love and wondrous powers
Gave us the brand new
Grand new
Baby of ours

- I Love Lucy (by Desi Arnaz)