Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 of 365


A few days ago I got into the groove of cleaning for the new year. In the midst of Lawrence's annoyance with my superstition I found solace in finding an old Vivitar camera a friend gave (I'm sorry, loaned "indefinitely") to us. The last time I had my hands on an SLR was in high school learning about film photography and developing my own photos in the darkroom. So with this little find I found sweet digression: fidget, tested and eventually came about to my New Year's resolution, geezzzz! I'm sorry again, I meant New Year's goals because according to Lawrence (his exact words): "I don't have New Year's resolution, I don't believe in them...I believe in setting goals." WOW. At this moment I felt like I just stepped out of an Anthony Robbins speaking engagement. So here's our New Years' goals:

Take the helm in our health: we felt like we weren't as healthy as we should have been last year so this year it's all about gym, juicing, decreased animal intake (this is going to be VERY hard) and spend time with family and friends (yeessss you guys are a part of our health).

Get in the water & get on the mountain: me and Lawrence are big on hiking and backpacking and as of December last year we are now certified open water divers so this year we are getting in the water and getting on the mountain as much as our free time can squeeze in.

Modern Lightbox Photography: just because I typed this last doesn't mean it's last on my list. Our business has given us so much more than we could have asked for last year. We reconnected with friends as well as made new ones. This year we are going to kick it up 10 notches by focusing and investing time and creativity on Modern Lightbox. All this made possible by ALL OF YOU. Cheers to a fantastic 2012!

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